Doctors in Leh Ladakh

Doctors in Leh-Ladakh, are the persons to be flourished. These are the humans with a great personality. Everybody knows that Leh-Ladakh is very beautiful destinations for tourists to visit but not a city to provide a great source of income to Doctors, in contrast, to the Doctors who are living in abroad or another metropolitan cities.climate change is very common in Ladakh which brings many natural disasters. The Leh Ladakh flood 2010 is one such Example that requires doctors for the treatment of victims.

Condition of Doctors in Leh Ladakh :

These natural calamities bring load on the Doctors in Leh-Ladakh. Being a resident of a mountain area, Doctors in Leh-Ladakh are always ready to tackle natural calamities victim. There are many famous Doctors who made their identity in a district like Ladakh, one example of great Doctors in Leh-Ladakh is, Dr. Tsering Norboo he is a well qualified and served as a medical officer in Leh. There are many such doctors that are highly educated and experienced but living a simple life in such a small district. However, the no of hospitals is very less in Leh. Sonam Norboo memorial government hospital is one of them. Many other Doctors like Sonam Norboo exists in Leh but are not so much popular like her. This is the thing that hurts the sentiments of a well-experienced doctor.

The future of  Doctors in Leh-Ladakh is in dark. This beautiful district may provide a mesmerizing view of nature but does not give a better living to the doctors. The situation similar to the Doctors in Ladakh, is the main reason of brain drain in India .people prefer to go abroad to earn a better living there. The most important thing to highlight is that there is no scope for the medical profession in Leh-Ladakh. There is not even a single medical college for the students belongs to this district. The government should take necessary steps for the development of the medical profession in such small districts. The native people are having lack of even basic medical facilities.

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